Friday, June 13, 2014

An Introduction...

This is a post I've been meaning to write for a few months now... My intention for this blog is to tell the story about how I became interested in ethnic cooking and what I do about it! I also will be posting reviews of restaurants we visit.

  I'm a southerner in the United States, being born in Louisiana and spending most of my life living in Texas with short stints in Nebraska and even four months in Germany in the early 70's; some city and since 1999 - deep in the countryside of Central Texas.  

Many times I've found myself craving a particular kind of food with no way of getting it besides cooking it myself or traveling 100 miles or so...really not a spur of the moment kind of thing I like to do.  I'm going to include links to our favorite restaurants in this blog as well and maybe some links of places to avoid...

So, I'm in the process of setting up my kitchen to practically and easily locate all the essential ingredients & equipment needed to construct various ethnic cuisines:


and more to be added as I become interested in them.

I am also interested in fermentation and have fermented my own kefir and Korean kimchi in the past.  

I have a Magic Mill grinder and grind my own wheat out of white and red wheat berries.  I also grind popcorn to make my own corn meal... it's the best!

We have chickens and while we don't eat them, they just die of an old age or are picked off by (we think) hawks very occasionally...  We do eat their eggs and they are delicious!  So, we also pickle some of the eggs in various ways.

I have included pages that are specific lists of ingredients for the various cuisines I cook, starting with Indian food.  This is really a favorite of mine and so....we begin!

Oh, one other thing...our daughter is vegetarian, so when she comes over, I begin to throw lots of dishes together using ideas I get from the internet and other bloggers.  So, I'm going to include a blog-roll of those cooks whose blogs I follow... and when I make something inspired by a post I've read,  I'm going to call it, "In the Style of..." because I'm unable to follow a recipe exactly... it's just who I am...

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